Thursday, November 3


The Dan Stein Report provides those of us concerned about the huge illegal aliens' problem in this country and the patent indifference to date of the federal government in securing our nation's porous borders a real service in discussing an important alternative piece of legislation on the immigration reform front to the Kennedy-McCain and Cornyn-Kyl proposed solutions.

Enforcement is beefed up, as are penalties, and amnesty and liberal Guest Worker Programs are trumped by detention facilities and expedited removal of illegals.

Being introduced at a press conference today by its authors, Representatives Duncan Hunter (D-CA) and Virgil Goode (R-VA), the Enforcement and Border Security Act of 2005 has the following features:

Mandates the verification by employers of worker eligibility and with eligibility predicated upon, in part, presentation of a REAL ID driver's license or a new, secure Social Security card;

Increases criminal penalties for employers who hire illegal aliens from 6 months to up to 2 years and with civil penalties increasing to $50,000;

Calls for implementation of an "entry-exit tracking system" by no later than October 26, 2006, and with stored data accessible to immigration officers at all points of entry;

Elimination of adult siblings and adult children preference categories, as well as the visa lottery.

I encourage readers of this blog to do the following (i.e., do your homework):

Read the "Talking Points" document on this bill (provided courtesy of FAIR);

Read the spreadsheet comparative of the various legislative proposals on immigration reform against Hunter-Goode (provided courtesy of FAIR);

Consider signing this online petition in support of Hunter-Goode and their bill.

Important is that this legislation recognizes that the first order of business in this country is to secure our porous borders! And it empowers local police forces to enforce federal immigration laws! Remember: ENFORCEMENT FIRST.