Thursday, November 17


Bad enough the pervasive memory loss in the Democratic Party these days, so ubiquitous that mental health experts ought to assemble in the United States Congress to render psychological care for the legions who have forgotten their own votes and public pronouncements decrying Saddam Hussein, WMDs, and genocide.

But now the Party of Amnesia, the Party of the Jackasses, has now voted 100% in disfavor of curbing out-of-control federal spending that, to be fair about it, hasn't been held in check by the president's use of his veto powers -- indeed, not even once.

Jason at Polipundit reports on the Democrats' chainlink unity of purpose in picking the pockets of American taxpayers.

Tell me: would you hire a CPA who suffered severe memory loss and wrote checks drawn on your personal bank account with reckless abandon?

That's some kind of platform the Democratic Party is putting together for 2006 and 2008.

Oh, and add to their cowardice in the face of international Islamofascist terrorism and their unchecked spending sprees, their full sanctioning of abortion-on-demand and unequivocal support for a tricameral legislature: House; Senate; and, Judiciary.

Now that's a four-plank platform to run on!

FOLLOW-UP: Well, I covered the Democrats, which was easy enough, as every last one of them voted to preserve runaway spending. But Bulldogpundit covers those on the GOP side of the aisle (22 of them) that behaved badly as well.