Thursday, November 17


What a wonderful post Scott Johnson of Power Line has published on the occassion of William F. Buckley's approaching 80th birthday. The respect and admiration Scott has for the "father of the modern conservative movement" is as palpable, as it is eloquent.

Writes Mr. Johnson:

Even when I was an addled adolescent liberal, Buckley's elan and vocabulary were a source of inspiration to me. As a college undergraduate, I had the great good fortune to be invited by my teacher Jeffrey Hart to join Buckley and a few other teachers and their wives for dinner when Buckley came to Dartmouth to speak in the spring of 1972. Professor Hart contemplated that I would report on the dinner for the Daily Dartmouth, where I was a staff writer.

You'll want to read it in its entirety.

And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mr. Buckley ... and many, many more!