Wednesday, November 9


Turns out that Tony Bennett left more than his heart in San Francisco; he also left his Constitutional rights there.

No doubt Mr. Bennett would never have thought his Constitutional rights to keep and bear arms would be infringed upon by the effete liberal society that reigns supreme in the city by the bay.

Not to fear. I'm sure the the U.S. 9TH Circuit Court of Appeals will eventually deem this unconstitutional. I'm sure Judge Alfred T. Goodwin will lead the charge.

FOLLOW-UP: The National Rifle Association (NRA) will go to court to challenge the just-passed handgun and ammunition ban in the city of San Francisco, according to this article in "Dakota Voice." U.S. Newswire indicates the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) will join the lawsuit. Kudos to both organizations!

FOLLOW-UP II: Michelle Malkin asks if San Franciscans feel safer now. She should defer her question until the next earthquake when marauding bans of looters are roaming the streets and law-abiding citizens are defenseless.