Tuesday, November 1


I watched and listened to Senator John McCain (RINO-AZ) wax statesmanlike last night on the Hannity & Colmes show with regard to the Samuel Alito nomination and his desire to show collegial respect toward his colleagues in the other political party by hearing them out on their reaction to Alito and withholding his categorical support for the nominee until the process in the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings was completed. What a man; what a leader.

Now House Minority Leader Reid pulls his goddam stunt in the Senate today wanting to try to leverage the indictment against Scooter Libby in order to renew the Democratic Party's Kerryesque waffling on the war in Iraq, claiming the support the Congress gave the president in going to war in the first place was founded on lies and White House propaganda and a purposeful distortion of intelligence. Reid's posturing is as disgraceful, as it is staged. His feigned rage before the cameras and a bank of micophones was disgusting.

So my question is when is the Senate and the GOP going to come to terms with people like McCain and a Senate Majority Leader who continually gets outwitted and beaten up the side of the head by his Democratic counterpart? What's McCain doing telling us last night about an upcoming, scheduled meeting with the "Gang of 14" with respect to Alito's nomination when the Democratic Party is behaving as badly as it is -- obstructionist to a fault and without idea one to help the country?

I'm unimpressed by McCain. Thoroughly unimpressed. His "high road" choreography is just a tap dance en route to the White House (or so he thinks). And as for Frist, he may have been a fine medical doctor, but I'm far from impressed with his shakiness at the wheel of the Republican majority in the Senate chamber that acts anything like a majority. Reid makes Frist look the fool.

What occurred in the Senate today -- Reid's arrogance and Frist's embarrassing distress at being blind-sided -- are precisely why Americans hold the Congress in such low esteem and why the GOP faithful are more fed up by the minute.

FOLLOW-UP: More on this Senate lockdown from Michelle Malkin.

FOLLOW-UP II (11/02/05): John Hawkins links to a NewsMax column on the meeting of the "Gang of 14" Thursday of this week, which I alluded to in my post.