Wednesday, November 23


A fellow "CMCer" (then Claremont Men's College, now Claremont McKenna College), Ken Masugi, a member of the prestigious Claremont Institute and its distinguished Director of the Center for Local Government, has a column entitled "Thanksgiving's Simple Meaning," first published November 24, 2004, up presently at The Claremont Institute's Web site and, like Michelle Malkin, I think it an important read -- one to reflect upon prior to sitting down at your Thanksgiving Day table with loved ones.

As Ken writes:

As our young men fight and die in Iraq and around the world, just as thousands died at home only a little more than three years ago, we should remember the war wisdom of Lincoln and the founding wisdom of Washington on Thanksgiving Day. Guided by prayer, we should recall our higher purposes. We enjoy the fruits of our leisure on account of the sacrifices of others today and before us. Thanksgiving Day is Memorial Day and the Fourth of July together, a time for both the Gettysburg Address and the Constitution—as well as for the family, feasting, and football that complete American life.

Ken's column makes me proud to have been a classmate of his years ago and proud to be an American.