Monday, November 7


The Anchoress has a post up this morning on the rioting and mayhem in France, in which the following is quoted:

The Arab European League, a Muslim advocacy group operating in Belgium and the Netherlands, states as part of its ‘vision and philosophy’ that ‘we believe in a multicultural society as a social and political model where different cultures coexist with equal rights under the law.’ It strongly rejects for Muslims any idea of assimilation or integration into European societies: ‘We do not want to assimilate and we do not want to be stuck somewhere in the middle. We want to foster our own identity and culture while being law abiding and worthy citizens of the countries where we live. In order to achieve that it is imperative for us to teach our children the Arabic language and history and the Islamic faith. We will resist any attempt to strip us of our right to our own cultural and religious identity, as we believe it is one of the most fundamental human rights.’
- Bat Ye’Or via Melanie Phillips

I could not help but think, in reading this, about the similar perils we face in this country because of this country's porous borders, massive illegal immigration problem, and the unwillingness of many of the 11+ million illegal aliens afoot in our land, a good portion of whom are Mexican nationals and OTMs ("Other Than Mexicans") from Central and South America, to adopt this country's culture, traditions, and, most importantly, its language -- English. The resistance is profound. They embrace multiculturalism; they resist assimilation. They retain a strong affinity to and identification with their homelands, not America, and send billions of dollars home in remittances.

Since there is little likelihood that when the Bush administration and Congress get around to long-needed immigration reform and vigorous border security that deportation will be an integral element, we shouldn't think for a minute that the antecedents of the rioting and mayhem in France are not seeds similarly being sown in our own country. We're already dealing with a human invasion of epic proportions. And the millions who have jumped our borders and fed off of America's broad, taxpayer-subsidized safety net will, in whatever form it takes, be granted amnesty.

The Arab European League has its counterparts in our own country in countless Latino activists groups (e.g., the National Council of La Raza and MECHa), some of which are irrevocably committed to el Plan De Aztlan and the strongly held belief that Latinos must reclaim southcentral and southwestern portions of the United States for Mexico, its people, and its culture. And don't read that and think it far-fetched, because it's not! The governors of all four border states -- two Democrats and two Republicans -- are wrestling mightily with the issue and consequences of illegal aliens. And the jaded proponents of an open borders policy will be fighting them tooth and nail.

Symptomatic of this refusal to assimilate is a monument erected in Baldwin Park, California, a southern California community with a preponderant Latino population. Michelle Malkin's Immigration Blog did an excellent job of reporting on the protests over this despicable monument and its implications, as did VDARE. Call it a microcosm of the fundamental rift growing between the undocumented Latin nation within our own nation.

If there is any legitimacy to the following, and this blogger believes there absolutely is, unless our federal government gets serious about illegal immigration and the colonization ("conquista") that is occurring in America, then we too may see a clash of cultures in this country that will make the mayhem in France pale by comparison.

Many Mexican elites believe that to become a modern nation, Mexico has to restructure its economy and regain the territory it lost during the first Mexican war. For over a century, Mexican nationalists have used the myths and symbols of a lost but glorious indigenous past to motivate its plans for expansion. D. H. Lawrence wrote about this myth building in his novel, "The Plumed Serpent."

Nowadays, the Mexican elites realize they do not need an army when they have NAFTA and illegal immigrants to do the job just as well. The Mexican elites have devised a foreign policy to achieve these objectives. This policy uses the poorer elements in Mexican society as foot soldiers. By moving poor and jobless Mexicans north, Mexico can make the U. S. absorb the cost of welfare and at the same time re-colonize large segments of so-called lost, Mexican territory.

FOLLOW-UP: Kudos to Jay Tea of Wizbang! for echoing many of the sentiments I expressed in this post. Writes Jay Tea: "What's going on in France is a warning to the rest of the world: this is what can happen when you combine unrestrained immigration, unenforced assimilation, and unfettered nationalism, all embodied in a single group. France has a large body of unassimilated North African Muslims, who have established their own enclaves entirely separate from the larger French culture (and no, that's not quite an oxymoron) surrounding them. They've been allowed to build their own culture and society and rules, and now are looking to establish that as a legally-recognized fact."

FOLLOW-UP: Just came across this column by Patrick Buchanan (courtesy of a link at the Drudge Report) and in which Mr. Buchanan writes: "Nor should Americans take comfort in France’s distress. By 2050, there will be 100 million Hispanics in the United States, half of them of Mexican ancestry, heavily concentrated in a Southwest most Mexicans still believe by right belongs to them. Colonization of the mother countries by subject peoples is the last chapter in the history of empires—and the next chapter in the history of the West—that is now coming to a close."