Monday, November 14


Is Polipundit rubbing off on D.J. Drummond or is D.J. Drummond rubbing off on Polipundit? What's with their preoccupation in assessing something tantamount to a filial devotion to the Republican Party among conservative polibloggers? It's as if there's a litmus test or a loyalty oath and God, family and country must necessarily take a back seat to Republican Party principles. There appears to be in their minds a sort of requisite blind faith loyalty in the GOP, its leadership, and the elected government officials it endorses. Did you know that President Bush walks on water -- even being in D.J.'s mind (gulp) more conservative than Ronald Reagan? The next thing you know these two will be donning priestly robes and meting out online penance to those they think have gone awry.

Goodness! Take the time to read their respective posts. Who are the real seed pod carriers: The Anchoress and Bulldogpundit or Polipundit and D.J.?

As I wrote in this post yesterday:

Before I am a Republican (and I am and have been a registered Republican all of my adult life), however, I am first and foremost a Conservative, a Traditionalist, and a Pro-Lifer.

A political party is a means to an end. If the end appears to be in jeopardy, I then re-evaluate my party affiliation.

The same can be said of elected Republican Party members. I'm not a "my president, right or wrong," or "the Republican Party, right or wrong" kind of blind loyalist. I do not subscribe to any form of political fealty. Obsequiousness is not my stock in trade.

Polipundit's notion that the Republican Party, its leadership, and some of its Congressional members will "correct course" of their own volition is misguided. So too is D.J.'s call for a "gut-check" among conservative Republican voters. The gut-check should begin in the Oval Office and in Bill Frist's and Dennis Hastert's offices. The gut-check should be joined by the 7 Republican members of the "Gang of 14" and by the 22 House republicans who killed ANWR.

After all, we're the voters and we're the party and our party's leadership and our party's elected officials are there to do our bidding, not the other way around.

I'm a poliblogger because I have an abiding interest in politics and current events. I'm a poliblogger because there are specific issues/causes that I feel compelled to comment on and to lobby for, among them the rights of the unborn, border security and immigration reform, and judicial activism.

I've declared my continued support of President George W. Bush, but with caveats and accountability and a timeline:

So I've chosen to make clear my support of the president and I have every intention of using this blog to counter the virulence and patent deceitfulness of the Democrats attempting to paint the president as a liar. They are the pot calling the kettle black.

That said, I hold the president accountable and my support of him is not to be taken for granted anymore than the Republican Party can turn to me for donations and think those solicitations a slam dunk.

The good news is that I know The Anchoress and Bulldogpundit and other of my favorites (Frank Laughter, as a good example) will not be bullied into adopting the "Party line." If President Bush's five years in the White House and the Republican Party's majority in the Congress have proven anything it is that the "loyal opposition" must come from within and that "course corrections" are the product of pressure applied by thinking Republican Party members, active in the Conservative Movement, who care.

We'll have a Samuel Alito on the SCOTUS because of it; we'll someday have secure borders because of it; we'll have a return to fiscal restraint because of it; and we're starting to see a re-engaged president taking on the left-of-Left cabal because of it. Indeed, we must do what the party in opposition refuses to do and has proven itself time and again incapable of doing: objectively assessing the majority party's performance and the "gap" between it and what the nation profoundly requires.

On the passing of Peter Drucker this past week, we conservative polibloggers should be reminded of his words, as in our own fashion we are managers of goal-setting and performance in the political realm:

Management means, in the last analysis, the substitution of thought for brawn and muscle, of knowledge for folkways and superstition, and of cooperation for force. It means the substitution of responsibility for obedience to rank, and of authority of performance for the authority of rank.

CORRECTION: It is Polipundit, not D.J. Drummond, who regards Bush as "more conservative than Ronald Reagan."