Saturday, November 19


Here's the link to Wizbang! to place in nomination your favorite blogs by category for eventual voting in the 2005 WEBLOG AWARDS.

As information, this blog, A CERTAIN SLANT OF LIGHT, began on December 7, 2004 -- marking the birth of my grandson and namesake, Austin Higgins (his first name is my middle name and my maternal grandfather's first name).

Accordingly, ACSOL may be nominated in the "Best New Blog" category, as it was begun after November 19, 2004.

It's current TTLB Ecosystem rank is #936.

Accordingly, it could be nominated in the "Best of the Top 500 - 1000 Blogs" category.

There are three pieces of information needed for the nomination of a blog:

1) Blog name:


2) Blog's main URL:


3) Blog's URL for a RSS/Atom feed is:


As additional information, ACSOL currently has a Technorati rank of #4,419 with 1,589 links from 260 sites. Average Sitemeter hits per day are 237 and average page views per day are 480.

Regardless, I thank my regular readers, as well as those bloggers who link to me and have placed me in their site's blogroll (or have bookmarked my site). I particularly appreciate the cyberspace friendships that have been formed over this past year through blogging and the regular exchanges of e-mail with those who have encouraged me in my writing and sustained my interest in continuing on when I have felt discouragement along the way. You're all too kind and such good people. There are such great minds at work in the blogosphere, but, better yet, such great hearts.

Whether my blog is nominated or not, I would ask you kindly to consider subscribing to my site if you're using an aggregator such as Bloglines. If I fail to retain your interest over time, so be it, but I'd like a shot, please!

Again, many thanks!