Tuesday, November 22


CNN reports that former teacher, Debra Lafave, and her attorney have cut a plea bargain deal with prosecuting attorneys in Florida, that in exchange for a plea of guilty the Greco Middle School teacher will see no prison time for her two counts of lewd and lascivious battery on a 14-year-old student -- i.e., multiple sex acts with a minor.

Fox News quotes her attorney as saying the following, which I read with incredulity and disdain: "To place an attractive young woman in that kind of a hell hole is like putting a piece of raw meat in with the lions."

So it's all about her good looks and model's figure? Were she a grotesquely disfigured rapist would she have been sentenced to a maximum security prison for the maximum penalty allowable under the law? Is the prospect of prison rape an apt defense for a defendant charged with sexually violating a minor (or any felony charges for that matter)?

And what of the boy? Is he left to live in a prison within his soul, a victim of multiple sexual trysts with his teacher -- an adult who had a responsibility to behave like one, but didn't? Is this all about some bizarre notion that if the teacher is attractive then a male student wins, no matter how young -- i.e., the lottery most assuredly came in for a pubescent adolescent with normal male fantasies?

What was prosecutor Michael Sinacore thinking? Is this the kind of message that he wants to send out to the community, namely that there are only minor consequences for raping a minor and jail time is not among them? And were the victim's parents willing accomplices in getting their son's attacker off the hook, because they dreaded the publicity of a trial? If so, what about future victims of these kinds of demented monsters? Don't children deserve better?

While it was rape, rather than murder, this all smacks of a Tampa version of "Chicago" and there's nothing in it that entertains.

So much for fair and equal justice under the law. Child rape victims deserve better from the criminal justice system than placing the adult sexual predators who victimize them under house arrest. The criminal justice system in this country is broken.