Saturday, November 5


A story by Monica Guzman in this morning's Houston Chronicle (registration required for online edition) irritates me in that it appears to disguise purposefully a serious issue related to our nation's porous boders and the "homeland security" threat they pose.

Here are excerpts and then I'll explain my concerns:

Two gunmen suspected of being gang members were killed and two others wounded Thursday night after a shootout during an anti-gang police raid on a house in northeast Houston, authorities said.

The raid was part of a joint FBI and Houston police "MS-13" initiative designed to curb the well-known gang's criminal activities in the city, specifically home invasions and other violence, said FBI spokesman Al Tribble.

It was not clear Friday whether the gunmen were members of MS-13, a gang known for "extreme violence" that originated in Los Angeles in the 1980s and spread to many major U.S. cities, Tribble said.

One gunman who denied being a gang member had a 13 with three dots tattooed on his hand, Tribble said.

The tattoo is thought to be gang insignia, but Tribble said it may not be the mark of MS-13, as its members usually tattoo themselves with "MS-13" or the gang's full name, Mara Salvatrucha.

"We're still trying to really verify who they are identity-wise and their gang affiliation," Tribble said.

I have written extensively in this blog on the notorious and deadly Mara Salvatrucha gang -- known on the street as MS-13 -- and it is a gang operating in at least 33 states and with as many as 10,000 members here in the United States. While its antecedents in the United States do, as reported by the Chronicle, begin in the Los Angeles area, dating back to the 1980s, it is nonetheless a violent street gang comprised primarily of "street-tough Salvadorans" -- illegal aliens mostly from El Salvadore and with a huge network operating throughout Central America.

The gang trafficks in human cargo and illicit drugs and has made a reputation for itself owing to its special, trademark brand of terrorism -- beheadings with machetes. It follows the same border-jumping routes into the United States, as do the so-called undocumented migrant workers, but with a lethal mission in mind.

Houston, Texas -- the nation's 4th largest city -- has 350,000 - 400,000 illegal aliens and an active chapter of the MS-13 gang.

While the Chronicle article appropriately notes that the FBI has yet to confirm that the dead were members of MS-13, it inapproriately disguises the fact that if they were then FBI agents and local police were placed in harm's way owing to this nation's huge illegal alien problem, its porous borders, an indifferent president and Congress, and the insane "Sanctuary City" policy (that the Chronicle's editorial board unflinchingly supports) in Houston that as much ensures a large population of illegals.

American citizens are being ravaged by this gang of illegals and they deserve to be informed at every turn. The clearly Left-leaning Houston Chronicle is soft on illegal immigration and they reveal themselves not only on their editorial pages, but in their news articles as well.