Sunday, November 20


Captain Ed is justifiably upset that Michelle Malkin must respond to her patently unfair and oftentimes mean-spirited, profane, cowards-in-anonimity detractors. I don't blame him one bit. Indeed, Captain Ed is to be applauded for the rage he feels as a friend of Michelle's and a blogger-colleague. And I similarly give kudos to Michelle for withstanding these rabid assaults with her trademark backbone, spunk, keen intellect and unassailable character. Michelle enriches the blogosphere. The trolls who viciously castigate her detract from it and betray their idiocy, inhumanity, and cowardice.

Assail her opinions, not her personally. And have the strength of character to put your names behind your criticism of those opinions.

FOLLOW-UP: Betsy Newmark who guest-blogs at Michelle's site offers her thoughts.

FOLLOW-UP II: Patterico comments.

FOLLOW-UP III: Lorie Byrd of Polipundit and, like Betsy Newmark, a periodic guest-blogger at Michelle Malkin's site weighs in on the ill-treatment Michelle receives.

FOLLOW-UP IV (11/21/05): Bulldogpundit doesn't mince words in his support of Michelle Malkin and her husband.

FOLLOW-UP V (11/21/05): Frank Laughter's post is a must-read -- his thoughts on Michelle Malkin are from the head and from the heart and, as is his custom, straight-forward. Good post in defense of Michelle!