Thursday, November 10


The Washington Times" hits the nail on the head in this piece:

The rioters who have burned out neighborhoods in cities across France for a fortnight are overwhelmingly of North African and Arab ancestry, overwhelmingly young, overwhelmingly male, overwhelmingly cut off culturally and economically from the larger French society -- and overwhelmingly Muslim.

But saying they're Muslim is a subject of angry dispute. French officials downplay the religious connections, and some newspapers, particularly in the United States, avoid identifying the rioters as Muslim.

The New York Times, as but one example of this MSM abhorrence of accurate reporting, described the rioters, looters, arsonists, and murderers rampaging throughout France as "disillusioned suburban youths." Apparently if you're suffering from an identity crisis, full of teenage angst, or a prime candidate to spill your guts on the Jerry Springer Show, you qualify as a "disillusioned suburban youth" and get a pass and a book of matches.

I recall my stressful high school years during which if I had a bad football practice, a fight with my girlfriend, a Clearasil emergency, or I couldn't get the family station wagon on a Saturday night, I'd go on a rampage, lighting up my neighborhood in southern California with Molotov cocktails.

Are Christian youths torching cities? Are Jewish youths rioting and looting? Are Hindu teeny boppers ravaging Calcutta and Delhi? Do Appalachian youths here in our own country drive in to Huntington, West Virginia, on Friday nights to see if they can raze the downtown with fire bombs because life and living in hollers and hills is hard-knot?

Ain't it grand to be a disaffected MUSLIM youth in France and throughout Eurabia-- so many ways in which to burn calories and cities.

Here in Texas Friday night lights refers to the state's passion for high school football.

In France it means bonfire pep rallies for disillusioned suburban youths.