Wednesday, November 16


The passage of the Warner amendment yesterday in the United States Senate is getting all the MSM and talking heads' attention; but, what shouldn't be lost on conservative Republicans and those of us who support the president in the global war on terror and think that we must stay the course in Iraq until the terrorists are defeated, is the vote on the defeated Levin amendment.

The Levin amendment called for the establishment of a timetable for the withdrawal of American Armed Forces from Iraq. It was defeated 58-40 and prior to passage of the Warner amendment. Important to know is who were the Republican Senators who followed the lead of the Senators of the Party of Amnesia (e.g., the usual suspects -- Clinton, Boxer, Durbin, Kennedy, Kerry, Reid, and Schumer) in trying to give the enemy specific information on when U.S. troops would be withdrawn?

There was just one Republican Senator -- Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island -- whose voting record marks him as a moderate-liberal.

Let's not forget that name.

FOLLOW-UP: Captain Ed comments on Lincoln Chafee and it's not pretty!

FOLLOW-UP II: Do read the inimitable John Hawkins of Right Wing News with regard to RINO Chafee. I particularly endorse this viewpoint of his: "Aside from that, this is a dumb move for a second reason: it sends the message to Republicans up on the Hill that the Party will support them no matter what. That's a huge mistake." Read the entire post. In a similar vein, Frank Laughter of Common Sense Junction comes out swinging and, believe me, we're of like minds. Frank writes: "Conservatives that blindly vote for Republicans that don’t represent them are the epitome of “stupidity” or “stupid conservatives.”