Saturday, November 12


Don't you just love how the left-wing loons who have no compunction about branding George W. Bush a no-good liar see no contradiction in terms in patently rewriting a talk radio segment from Bill O'Reilly's "The Radio Factor" to suit their rank propaganda and propel their scurrilous attacks on the Conservative Movement in this country and its figureheads?

Mind you, I occassionally listen to Bill O'Reilly's radio talk show and avidly watch his "The O'Reilly Factor" Fox News cable T.V. show in the evening, but that's more because he presents a good mix of topical news pieces and guests representing both sides of an argument than from any fascination with his abilities as an interviewer-commentator. Frankly, I find him overbearing, rude, and curiously narcissistic. Indeed, I look forward to Tony Snow substituting for him, as only then do the guests get a word in edgewise. But, I'll defend his right to say what's on his mind, to draw scenarios no matter how outlandish to make his points, and I'll damn sure challenge the Left when they purposefully transform fact into fiction to advance their convoluted, misguided agenda and demonize those who oppose their progressive-secularist bent.

O'Reilly, to be sure, invites attack with his egotistical, holier-than-thou, in-your-face posturing, but the current flap is beyond the bounds. I find it ironic that the denizens of Sodomy & Gomorrah -- a city so far left-of-Left that it is about to fall off the Pacific shelf of its own volition -- are in an uproar over O'Reilly taking them to the woodshed for passing a resolution championing the troops being recalled from Iraq, for banning handguns and ammunition in violation of the Second Amendment, for passing a ballot measure encouraging public high schools and colleges to ban on-campus military recruiting, and, some months back, for their goofy mayor's bold-faced defiance of the law in encouraging hundreds of gay marriages.

"The City," as they like to call it there, has become a leftist citadel and all O'Reilly tried to do was assail the liberal fortress by showing the hypocrisy and utter lunacy of its determined disassociation with the global war on terror and the American Armed Forces. O'Reilly's point was that San Francisco should not benefit from federal funding or from a military response should al-Qaeda attack it, since its politics clearly demonstrate that it wants to be an island unto itself, completely outside of the mainstream of America, a veritable nation-state of a city, and without providing recruits to the military to do the hard work of protecting all Americans. O'Reilly's argument is that San Franciscans and their municipal government want it all their way -- kind of an adult version of adolescent, self-centered behavior.

Was his scenario preposterous? Yes, in my view it was. Was it a little mean-spirited? Yes, most certainly that. But what talk show personality, on the Left or the Right, doesn't engage in hyperbole from time to time? The best among them are as much entertainers, as they are analysts and purveyors of insights on sports and politics and current events. And they have to be heard or watched in that context. To hear the reaction from the Left, you'd think Bill O'Reilly was espousing sedition and treason. And isn't it more than ludicrous that a city for whom many of its citizens see no threat from international terrorists or local criminals (or deviant sexual behavior), now want to pillory O'Reilly unmercifully for depicting Coit Tower being blown up by al-Qaeda operatives and the American military not responding? Goodness, they want his head; they want him fired. Someone tell me this: why can the Left overreact to O'Reilly, but Red State America can't say that San Francisco has pushed the envelope on immorality and a head-in-the-sand myopia about the implications of Islamofascist terrorism?

If San Francisco has had enough of Bill O'Reilly, then tune out his radio show, turn off his television show, don't read his nationally syndicated newspaper column, and don't buy his books. O'Reilly's big into boycotts, so you do the same. Meanwhile, those of us on the Right will consider similar ways of boycotting San Francisco and pushing back politically on its egregiously wayward, leftist ways. Besides, if San Francisco can have its Nancy Pelosi, Newsome Gavin, and Willie Brown, the whacko anti-GWOT movement its Cindy Sheehan, and the Democratic Party its Howard Dean, then surely we Fox News watchers can have our Bill O'Reilly.

For us, keeping the Left Coast confined to the West Coast and the idiocy by the bay contained is a top priority. O'Reilly's little on-air tirade hardly merits a San Francisco earthquake. Terrorists don't need to strike there anyway. It's rotting from within and a victim of its own nihilism.