Wednesday, November 16


If Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN) and Senator John Warner (R-VA) and the other 39 Republican Senators who joined with members of the Party of Amnesia in passing the Warner Amendment yesterday -- a resolution requiring President Bush and his administration to provide quarterly reports on the execution of the war in Iraq and the progress of the Iraqis in gearing up to accept a hand-off from the United States Armed Forces -- want to do something that addresses a real problem vis-a-vis the global war on terror (GWOT), then why don't they adopt a meaningful version of the "Laughter-Higgins Amendment."

Frank Laughter and yours truly, Bernard Higgins, think that the United States Senate, in the same bipartisan spirit that they exercised yesterday in passing the Warner Amendment, should similarly pass the Laughter-Higgins Amendment that would oblige the President of the United States and Congress to report quarterly to the American people (its bona fide citizens) on the progress being achieved in providing us with genuine, rather than euphemistic "Homeland Security" through the rigid enforcement of border security and immigration laws already on the books.

The invasion from the south must stop.

Both the southern contiguous border with Mexico and the northern contiguous border with Canada must be secured. Americans demand this of their elected representatives in Washington D.C. and insist on accountability and progress, and want the implementation timeline compressed. A key feature of the Laughter-Higgins Amendment is that it further requires that the president and Congress also report quarterly on the ability of the Department of Homeland Security to assume responsibilities heretofore being handled by border states, the Minuetman Project, and scared-out-of-their-wits ranchers and homeowners along the border in lieu of sufficient numbers of U.S. Border Patrol agents. Lastly, the amendment calls for an immediate end to "Sanctuary City" laws.

So, dear readers, if you're as upset as Frank Laughter and this writer are over an indifferent president and an indifferent Republican-controlled Congress, then how about joining us in lobbying the GOP leadership (I use that term loosely) to adopt this important amendment. How about a Global War On Terror that starts with border security first right here at home -- you know, the same kind of common sense that says locking the doors and windows of your home is a good idea in protecting yourselves, family, and assests.

Think you can handle this, Senator Frist? Frank Laughter and I and the vast majority of American citizens will be much obliged.

FOLLOW-UP: Do read this WorldNetDaily piece by Jon Dougherty on the terrorist threat along our southwest border with Mexico and I trust you'll come to agree that prosecution of a global war on terror without secure borders here at home is a contradiction in terms and utter lunacy, if not downright dereliction of duty by the Commander-In-Chief. He could mass troops on the southern border with an Executive Order. This is an invasion, not a back-burner immigration problem. The Laughter-Higgins amendment needs passage!