Friday, November 11


Who cares what Pat Robertson thinks anymore? Has he not crossed the line one too many times and stretched credulity beyond reason? What's our fascination with his kind of curiosities in the public realm (or of the distaff loons like Cindy Sheehan)?

It ought to be that the Veteran's Day honoring our nation's patriots occupies us today, not what a religious zealot proselytizes. Do progressive-secular-nihilists on the Left comfort themselves that a Robertson is emblematic of the Christian Right? (Go ahead -- suffer the delusion).

"Charles Krauthammer" ought to lead the Technorati search field today, not Pat Robertson.

The apocalypse to come will be the result of Congressional inaction on this nation's energy requirements -- the consequences of a Congress and two major political parties that harbor no "intelligent design" whatsoever to rid this nation of its enervating dependence on oil.

As Krauthammer observes: We live at the edge of oil shortages and in perpetual vulnerability to oil blackmail.

SOURCES: Washington Post (registration required); CNN

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