Thursday, November 17


Fox News is reporting that Congressman John Murtha (D-PA) is calling for an immediate and unilateral withdrawal of American troops from Iraq. The Party of Amnesia continues to do its level best to undermine American forces, chase away our allies, and give encouragement to our enemies. Of course, the "Gang of 41" Republican Senators set the stage this week for this sort of nonsense and there will be more of it. This is the upshot of a Republican majority in the Congress that has allowed the histrionics of the Kennedy-Reid cabal to hold sway in the MSM and with nary a peep from the GOP for much too long. The suicide-bombers are more single-minded than the United States Congress. No wonder most Americans think so little of them anymore.

Hi, I'm John Murtha reporting for duty!

FOLLOW-UP: Matt Margolis of GOPbloggers quotes responses from Republicans to John Murtha's nonsense.

FOLLOW-UP II: Glenn Reynolds' links to John McCain's reaction to those calling for troop withdrawal.

FOLLOW-UP III: John Hawkins of Right Wing News links to the same poll numbers I linked to in this post, but he adds editorial comments that merit reading.

FOLLOW-UP IV: Lorie Bryd, guest-blogging for Michelle Malkin this week (and doing a terrific job of it, I should add) comments on those who call for immediate troop withdrawal and links to Congressman David Dreier, who is "baffled" by Murtha's action.

FOLLOW-UP V: I am not pleased with Congressman Murtha's decision, but I do not question his patriotism, nor look askance at his service to our country. I mean that. The last sentence of my post, which I published in bold print, is couched in sarcasm and upon reflection I recant that statement. And I'll add this: anyone who has spent 37 years in the U.S. Marine Corps and is a Vietnam veteran deserves a fair hearing in terms of his change-of-heart on the war in Iraq. No, I did not receive an e-mail regarding this post or a "Comment" from a reader. I just looked into my own soul and decided I needed to be as fair-minded as those I criticize for not being so. I trust I've made myself clear now and I feel better for it.

FOLLOW-UP VI: The New York Times (registration required) has published a transcript of the response by House Republicans to Representative Murtha's call for a trrop withdrawal from Iraq.

FOLLOW-UP VIII: Glenn Reynolds advises that Representative Murtha has been to this movie before!

FOLLOW-UP IX: Hugh Hewitt has a quote he'd like Congressman Murtha to ponder.

FOLLOW-UP X: Greyhawk at The Mudville Gazette corrects some "facts" offered by Congressman Murtha. Good post here, so do read it all.

FOLLOW-UP XI (11/18/05): Captain Ed blisters Murtha and the Party of Amnesia. He writes: "The Iraqis have more courage in their (purple) finger than Murtha has in his entire hysterical body. Shame on him, and shame on his party."

FOLLOW-UP XII (11/18/05): Jeff Goldstein at Protein Wisdom disagrees with Murtha's cut-n-run prescription, but does write: "For the record, I respect Murtha’s honesty. He is, of course, dead wrong in just about everything he said, particularly from a strategic standpoint (and the chickenhawk stuff is simply idiotic coming from a Congressman), but at least he was willing to go on record with his position."

FOLLOW-UP XIII (11/18/05): Kevin Aylward's post at Wizbang! is a good read on the subject, as he does a deft job of letting the air out of "Murtha's credibility balloon."

FOLLOW-UP XIV (11/21/05): Doug at Stones Cry Out puts up the best post on the Republican gambit (i.e., the "Hunter Resolution") on the House floor that I have come across. It's detailed and just excellent. Do not miss this one!