Tuesday, November 29


John Hawkins publishes at his widely-read blog, "Right Wing News," yet another (his third) interview he has done with the inimitable, top-of-the-pyramid, blogger-journalist-author Michelle Malkin. You'll not want to miss reading this from beginning to end.

Some excerpts to whet your appetite:

John Hawkins: Well, here's a related question: do you think the bad behavior of the left has gotten worse in the last few years or do you think it has always been this bad, but without the new media to report it, people weren't aware it was happening?

Michelle Malkin: Ah, yes, right. The selection bias, I guess. Well, actually I think it has gotten worse. I've been covering politics and campaigns for 13-14 years now and I've been in some of the bluest of the blue areas of the country covering...the anti-illegal proposition in California and covering the very heated pitched battle over government racial preference in Washington State...And I honestly can't say that I thought it's ever been as bad as it was during the 2004 election campaign.

John Hawkins: In your new book, Unhinged: Exposing Liberals Gone Wild, you show the most extreme examples of Democratic behavior including assaults, people advocating violence, etc. Do you think people like -- for example -- Howard Dean, Michael Moore, & Ted Rall are in anyway responsible for that radical behavior, even though they don't advocate violence, because of the sort of rhetoric they use?

Michelle Malkin: No question about it. Again, it's a double standard. There is no question that the New York Times' editorial board would be pinning blame on Ken Mehlman, the White House, or Karl Rove if they did not distance themselves from the kind of behavior and "crackpottery" that Howard Dean tolerates on a daily basis.