Thursday, November 17


Members of Congress currently make $162,100 in annual salary. That's before all kinds of generous perks, including healthcare and retirement plans most American citizens would give their eye teeth to have. Many of these Congressmen, of course, are wealthy in their own right.

Why is it America's registered voters send them to Washington and America's taxpayers sustain them in the lifestyle to which they've become accustomed (incumbents are typically returned to office) only to have this sort of thing going on right under our noses and at a time when America is at war, under the threat of international Islamo-terrorism, and having her borders overrun, her preborns slaughtered, and her Judeo-Christian ethos ravaged by liberal activist judges?

I mean, what gives? After all, it only happens because we allow it. Voter apathy, overweening relativism, and a growing bent towards progressive-secularism are symptomatic of what is going wrong. We can't even develop the spine to withstand the patience and determination of the suicide-bombers.

Our legislators don't legislate -- they spend their days firing salvos across the aisle and engaging in ad hominem attacks on one another. Our executive branch enforces only those laws it chooses to. And the black robes pick up the slack by overturning the people's will and legislating from the bench.

And here's what the Democratic Party engages in -- "No Confidence" video.

And here's what the Republican Party engages in -- "Democrats Dishonest" video.

What do you think: is it time for a legitimate Third Party Movement again in this country?

FOLLOW-UP (11/19/05): Congress voted themselves a pay hike so their turkey dinners would taste better come Thanksgiving Day. Wonder what the troops think of this on the pay they make for putting their lives at risk while Washington's politicians squabble over the merits of fighting terrorists and completing the mission in Iraq? What a bunch of turkeys. Kick that annual salary figure I gave you up to $165,200.