Sunday, November 6


I'm starting to figure out Charlie Weis. Honest I am. My wife can vouch for me. In yesterday's Notre Dame win over the Tennessee Vols, The Irish broke from the huddle and I said the following to my wife:

Watch Stovall split wide at the bottom of the screen. Weis has been calling screens to Darius Walker and mid-length routes to "The Shark" (Jeff Samardzija). Quinn's going to throw the long ball to Maurice Stovall.

And that's exactly what unfolded and for a touchdown!

Weis is a master at throwing so many different faces at a defense that they're always unsettled and not knowing quite what to expect. To score 41 points on one of the best defensive units in college football is telling.

Notre Dame Nation has a nice write-up on a big, big day at South Bend for Charlie Weis' prodigies.

Am I a happy Irish fan? What do you think!!!!!!