Sunday, November 20


Michelle Jacobsen (known as The Bald Chick in the blogosphere) wrote me an e-mail in the wee hours this morning appealing for my help in getting some information posted on an "Immigration Justice Convention" being held in Chicago and for which, according to Michelle, there has been precious little blog coverage, even among the bloggers, like myself, who cover border security and immigration reform issues from a center-right or right-of-center perspective. I'll be the first to admit that I was unawares.

Michelle provides an overview on this convention at her blog -- Freedom Folks -- and in it writes (excerpts follow):

Immigrants and their supporters gathered today at Chicago's Navy Pier. Organized by the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR), the convention brought together people from a melting pot of ethnicities and backgrounds to cheer on immigration reform, judiciously substitute the word "undocumented" for "illegal," and repeatedly call for "justice" for all immigrants.

Groups of students were trotted out. Some stepped forward to speak, including a couple who passionately lamented the way they were being denied the right to succeed in this country because they and their parents are undocumented. Rep. Janet Schakowsky announced that Sen. Dick Durbin reintroduced his Dream Act yesterday to address students in limbo because of their and their parents' immigration status.

Do read the entire post, as Michelle points to the politicians, including Illinois' governor, who spoke at the convention.

She has also posted additionally on the convention and the propaganda in full force there here and here and I encourage you to read both posts.

Latino activists' organizations and their political and MSM allies are constantly eschewing the patent illegality of border-jumping and playing on the sympathies of good-hearted, misguided American citizens by trotting out a well-choreographed portrayal of the desperation of people living in abject poverty in Latin America and how they come to our country seeking a better life for themselves and their loved ones, and (drum roll, please) willing to do the work that Americans refuse to do. These are the so-called "undocumented migrants" who pick lettuce and fruit, toiling in the agricultural fields and orchards of our country. Well, tell that canard to displaced construction workers in the Gulf Coast where Katrina and Rita-related reconstruction projects are being heavily populated by illegal aliens or to displaced refinery and chemical workers in Texas. Or, better yet, tell that canard to American citizens who have been victims of the dreaded MS-13 gang of machete-wielding Salvadorans now operating in 33 states in the United States. What "freedoms" would the governor of Illinois accord these violent illegals?

What Americans need to understand is that this country has more than just an illegal immigration problem at work. It is experiencing an unprecedented invasion and the situation now is entirely out-of-control and not only compromises homeland security, but makes the global war on terror a gross contradiction in terms when damn near anyone can jump our border, roam our countryside, and live off of a taxpayer-funded largess.

Nice work, Michelle. I'm glad to help you!

CORRECTION: It's the "Immigrant Justice Convention."