Sunday, November 13


Regular readers of this blog will notice an I Still Support The President banner in my site's sidebar. I added it this afternoon. Regular readers also know that I was among those conservative polibloggers who took exception with the Harriet Miers' nomination, and strongly so. I stand by that position. Some argued that doing so was a betrayal of the president and the Republican cause.

I'm more interested in the Conservative Movement.

If the president and Republicans in Congress (presently a majority in both houses) best serve the Conservative Movement, then I am and remain a staunch Republican Party supporter. Before I am a Republican (and I am and have been a registered Republican all of my adult life), however, I am first and foremost a Conservative, a Traditionalist, and a Pro-Lifer.

A political party is a means to an end. If the end appears to be in jeopardy, I then re-evaluate my party affiliation. For now, to be fair, there is no viable alternative, as the Democratic Party is devoid of ideas and bankrupt of values, family and otherwise. Until it sheds (or silences) its left wing cabal and the sycophants who serve it, I'll find it and its platform anathema. The democrats need Scoop Jacksons, not Ted Kennedys.

So I've chosen to make clear my support of the president and I have every intention of using this blog to counter the virulence and patent deceitfulness of the Democrats attempting to paint the president as a liar. They are the pot calling the kettle black.

That said, I hold the president accountable and my support of him is not to be taken for granted anymore than the Republican Party can turn to me for donations and think those solicitations a slam dunk.

Here's what I expect of the president in the near term (12 months) if my support of him is to continue:

1) Our nation's borders must be secured and before any major overhaul in our immigration system is effected. Border enforcement -- genuine "homeland security" -- is a must. The invasion from the south must be stopped. Anything less is unacceptable. The president and the Congress must act. Blanket amnesty for the 11+ million illegal aliens already in this country is unacceptable.

2) Our nation must have a bona fide energy conservation policy and take serious steps in new domestic oil and natural gas exploration in parallel with genuine efforts to develop alternative sources of fuel. Our dependency on foreign sources of oil is tantamount to allowing ourselves to be blackmailed. What several dozen "moderate" Republicans did in killing the ANWR was downright disgraceful and Republican Congressional leadership should be pilloried.

3) Demonstrable fiscal restraint must be exercised by the Republican-controlled Congress and the president must use his inexcusably long-dormant veto powers as this country's Chief Executive. Pork-laden bills like the highway and energy bills are unconscionable. This country is engaged in a global war on terror and a very costly war in Iraq and an LBJ-style guns-and-butter approach to governance is unthinkable and the height of mismanagement, and it will bankrupt us and saddle future generations with an onerous national debt.

These are the keys for me: border security; a national energy policy; and, hard-nosed fiscal restraint.

I did not list the GWOT, because that is a given and, unlike his predecessor who obsessed over daillances rather than issues of national security, this president is determined to take the fight to the enemy and to defeat Islamofascism. Indeed, his response to "9/11" is why I am proud of the two votes I cast for him.

I did not list conservative judicial nominations either, because with the exception of the Harriet Miers' aberration the president has done a splendid job in fighting judicial activism and I have no doubt will continue to do so.

So, and again to be clear and unequivocal, and with the caveats I have listed, this blogger continues to support President George W. Bush.

FOLLOW-UP: I just came back to the computer and found Augustine's post at REDSTATE.ORG and while it was not my original intent, obviously, I guess I've responded to his question! And while I don't care for the title, "Fair Weather Conservatives," of D.J. Drummond's post at Polipundit, it would appear I've responded to his question as well.

FOLLOW-UP II: Here is where I found the "I Still Support the President" banner that appears in my site's sidebar.