Wednesday, November 23


The Houston Chronicle publishes on its Op-Ed pages today -- the day before America's Thanksgiving Day holiday -- a bitter, jaded, poison-pen account by Robert Jensen, a professor of journalism at the University of Texas, of his vision of what this national holiday ought to be about and his distorted view of its antecedents. Professor Jensen must be Texas' singular answer to Ward Churchill. His column disgusts me and it disgusts me, as a subsriber to the Chronicle's print edition, that this vitriol was selected to grace its pages. I'm also offended that my tax dollars contribute to this idiot's salary.

Freedom of expression and freedom of the press are sacrosanct rights in our country and essential elements of its founding. But a newspaper's editorial board has a fundamental responsibility for exercising discretion in selecting what it chooses to publish and such discretion is nowhere to be found on page B9 of the newspaper's "City and State" section today.

Accordingly, I choose to point to this column by Mike Adams of (as published at to give readers of ACSOL a perspective on Professor Robert Jensen's political agenda -- i.e., what the man is all about.

And I choose to point readers of ACSOL to this by Professor Jensen, which reveals him for the egregious radical he is. The following is excerpted from that piece:

We have to confront the deeply embedded racism in the United States that makes it so easy to mobilize public support for war, as long as the targets are not white.

We have to confront the barbarism of the United States, which not only has the capacity to destroy an entire society but a proven willingness to do just that to achieve policy goals.

Let me put it as clearly as I can: The way we live in this country -- the way every one of us here at this rally today lives -- is morally indefensible and ecologically unsustainable. It is a way of life that can't be enjoyed by the rest of the world, and it is a way of life that if unchecked literally will destroy the world.

This is the kind of distorted world view and rank anti-Americanism that the newpaper of America's 4th largest city chose to give voice to on its Op-Ed pages the day before Thanksgiving Day, 2005. No wonder the Houston Chronicle's daily circulation is down 6%.

Michelle Malkin

FOLLOW-UP: I'm sure the radical professor would prefer carving up Tony Snow's heartfelt column on Thanksgiving, rather than a turkey at a traditional table, but, Mr. Snow's writing would have been preferred as far as this writer is concerned.