Monday, November 28


CNN reports that President Bush will be visiting Tucson, Arizona, today and El Paso, Texas, tomorrow, in an effort to showcase a belatedly tougher stance by his administration on the issues of porous borders and the 11+ million illegal aliens in our country. Conservatives, this writer among them, will be listening intently to the president to discern whether or not he'll persist in shrouding blanket amnesty in the guise of a proposed Guest Worker program that doesn't first require that illegal aliens be deported back to their homeland. Conservatives, this writer among them, will also be listening intently to determine whether the president and the Department of Homeland Security will devote themselves to significantly enhanced border security first before tackling major immigration reform legislation. A vast majority of Americans want to see the border-jumping stopped and those apprehended processed and deported -- i.e., current federal laws vis-a-vis immigration enforced -- before consideration is given to programs for tempoary guest workers to enter the country legally. Fact is, "catch and release" is a way of life for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents and particularly in dealing with "Other Than Mexicans" (OTMs); and "internal enforcement" of immigration laws are materially undermined by "Sanctuary City" policies in major American cities across our land.

Of note in the CNN piece referenced above are the quotes from Leslie Sanchez. This blogger has revealed her in this post for the patent open borders' apologist that she is. Sanchez is concerned about the prospect of "immigrant bashing." She conveniently avoids the correct terminology: "illegal alien." Nobody wants them "bashed." We just want these lawbreakers who illegally entered our country, persist in feeding off of its social welfare system, and have the disposable income to send billions of dollars in remittances to their homelands each year, apprehended, detained, processed, and deported. Period.

Americans want the current laws on the books enforced and our national security protected via strict border enforcement. Americans want the invasion from the south stopped dead in its tracts. And Americans want our pusillanimous politicians to stop listening to and being influenced by Latino activists' groups bent on el Plan De Aztlan."

If President Bush stubbornly broaches the subject of amnesty this week (or anything, however well-disguised, that embraces it) and if he doesn't squarely place border security in the forefront of his immigration-related proposals, there will be a firestorm within the ranks of conservative Republicans that will make the Harriet Miers' brouhaha pale by comparison. Such a misstep will doom his second term.

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FOLLOW-UP II: From a story by Michelle Mittelstadt published in today's Dallas Morning News: "Little more than a year ago, President Bush sketched his vision for a sweeping plan that would bring millions of illegal immigrants out of the shadows, matching 'willing worker' with 'willing employer.' But in a year roiled by war, hurricanes, congressional leadership difficulties and his own protracted swoon in the polls, Mr. Bush has seen little traction on Capitol Hill for swift passage of his proposal to provide temporary work visas to many of the estimated 11 million to 12 million immigrants here illegally. If anything, the current momentum appears to be favoring those in Congress who prefer a get-tough approach. These days, it seems as if just about everyone in Congress is offering legislation to crack down on illegal immigration and beef up security along the Southwest border."

FOLLOW-UP III: If President Bush wants to convince the nation that he and the Department of Homeland Security are at long last going to get tough on illegal immigration, he might want to get this ridiculous situation corrected. H/T: Drudge Report.

FOLLOW-UP IV: Dan Stein links to a Washington Post story on the president's trip.