Thursday, November 17


Do read this excellent post by Polipundit and the column by Mark Krikorian in NRO that he links to on the issue of "Guest Worker" programs.

And may I remind readers that I'm among those who argue that strict border enforcement must come first, separate and apart from any immigration reform legislation.

If our current immigration laws were being enforced and the integrity of our borders protected there would not be anywhere near the problems in this country vis-a-vis illegal immigration and its national security implications that exist today. The president (and Clinton before him) and the Congress have done this country a disservice by kow-towing to open borders' apologists and American industry infatuated with cheap labor -- "cheap labor" subsidized, to be sure, by American taxpayers.

Americans should insist on border security/border enforcement first.

I urge you to read this post of mine and to sign the online petition, as I have.