Friday, November 4


Bulldogpundit links to this Washington Times piece that reports Tom Tancredo and other GOP Congressmen are considering tackling the provocative issue of "birthright citizenship" -- i.e., the ability of illegal immigrants (there are 11+ million in the United States) to breech our borders, have so-called "anchor babies" here, those children then automatically becoming American citizens under the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Consitution, and, as a consequence, the children in turn sponsoring their parents' legal immigrant status. That's the gambit and it's worked actively by illegals.

As the Washington Times reports:

Several lawmakers said the U.S. and Mexico are the only major Western countries to have birthright citizenship. Most European countries have moved away from birthright citizenship in recent decades.

"I am as surprised as anyone that this thing has got legs," Mr. Tancredo said, adding that he views it as a major step forward for the immigration debate. "This is the issue that motivated me to deal with immigration."

While some members said it could be part of an immigration bill later this year, Rep. Dan Lungren, California Republican, said it will take longer to drum up public support for such a major change, though he backs ending the policy.

"Some of us believe we have depreciated the value of citizenship," he said.

... it will take longer to drum up public support for such a major change ...

No kidding! The American people have been waiting impatiently for the Bush Administration (and the Clinton administration before it) to get off its hands and do something about the porous borders situation, but cannot seem to drum up enough attention in Washington D.C.!

This blogger wants to see strict border enforcement first. Period. Much-needed immigration reform legislation can follow once the government (federal and state) proves it can keep border-jumpers out and send illegals home and make "Homeland Security" a reality.

Let's not get the cart, long stuck in the rut of political indifference, ahead of the horse.