Wednesday, November 9


The Houston Chronicle (registration required) reports this election result that the Democratic Party isn't trumpeting this morning, as it and its MSM allies endeavor to spin off-year election results in New Jersey, Virginia, and California as a repudiation of the Bush administration and portents of Democratic victories to come in 2006 and 2008:

Voters overwhelmingly approved writing a ban on same-sex marriage into the Texas constitution Tuesday, giving social conservatives a key victory going into next year's state elections. The controversial proposition was supported by Gov. Rick Perry and many churches throughout the state.

"That's where the victory was won, from the pulpits of the state of Texas," said state Rep. Warren Chisum, a Pampa Republican who wrote the amendment. "The people of Texas have spoken and they intend that marriage should be between one man and one woman."

Seventy-six percent of voters favored the amendment and 24 percent opposed it, with 94 percent of the vote counted. Foreman and Chisum said Texas is the 18th state to adopt an anti-gay marriage constitutional provision.

The amendment defines marriage as "the union of one man and one woman" and prohibits the state from "creating or recognizing any legal status identical or similar to marriage."

No surprise in this result, of course, as Texas is a state with a decidedly conservative bent and its people are deeply religious. Nonetheless, this is an important victory for social conservatives.

FOLLOW-UP: The Anchoress posts on gay marriage, the Texas election results, and links to an analysis of the sweeping cultural impact on our neighbor to the north of its government mandate of same-sex marriage. Spend any time (as I have) with the raging, progressive-secularist loons that inhabit eastern Canada and I'll guarantee you you'll send a social-conservative American running out into the night bellowing primal screams of disbelief and outrage. France is not across an ocean; it's as near as the provinces of Ontario and Quebec.