Monday, November 7


Frank Laughter's blog, Common Sense Junction, does not earn anywhere near the attention it deserves among conservative polibloggers and that's a shame, as he has a habit of regularly hitting the pulse of what conservative Americans are thinking about, reacting to, and genuinely frustrated over. Frank is an uncommon man who penetrates the minds of common men and women who think their elected representatives are supposed to do their bidding, but know full well that is not how the system works unless you raise hell.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of these situations arising every week and our reps ignoring them until we complain. Its as though they don’t give a damn; I’ve about had it. If Republicans can’t provide border security; if its OK for the U.N. to pull the same crap year after year; if spending is no big deal; if we’re not going to fight back when falsely accused; then maybe the Dems should be in charge. — At least we would avoid the weekly disappointment.

Or maybe I’m complaining about the wrong thing. … Have Republicans in Washington (including Dubya) been gutted by fear of criticism from the Left?

Frank and I are in lockstep. As I wrote in this post of mine:

Bush was burned badly and needlessly over his misguided nomination of Harriet Miers. But the base will rally to him if he gets up off the mat and leads. Along with the need to make an objective, intelligent case for the GWOT, the president must abandon his penchant for amnesty and liberal Guest Worker Programs for illegal aliens and secure our nation's porous borders. Homeland Security is no more than a platitude when 10,000 illegal aliens are breeching our borders daily and 11+ million are roaming our country at will and feeding off of us. Border security must precede immigration reform. Fact is, illegal immigration is a front burner issue for American voters even if it is not for the White House and most members of Congress. This issue, if left unaddressed, can only exacerbate the perception that insurgent-terrorists hold sway in Iraq. If the Bush administration cannot control America's borders in an age of terrorism, how can it ever defeat terrorism abroad? That linkage has been lost on the White House!

Bush must start playing hardball with the obstructionist left-wing of the Democratic Party, rather than being its favorite whipping boy. He needs to take on Kennedy, Pelosi, Boxer, Dean, Durbin, and Schumer, and the rest of their ilk (including the disgraceful Jimmy Carter). The do-nothing, no-ideas Democratic Party needs to be run through the GOP sawmill and turned into mulch. The president cannot sit idly by while the Democrats hammer him repeatedly, claiming that he lied to the country about why this nation needed to invade Iraq and depose Saddam Hussein. The president cannot keep taking salvos across the bow that he heads a corrupt administration without returning fire and engaging the enemy in a blistering counter-attack.

Do yourself a favor and bookmark Frank's site or, if you're a blogger, place it in your blogroll. I'm a regular reader of his writing and subscribe to his site via the Bloglines' aggregator. Sometimes the political analyses found in the blogosphere become a bit too convoluted, arcane, and over-drawn. Frank has a way of cutting to the chase. That's his forte!