Monday, November 7


MSNBC publishes this Associated Press (AP) story on the spreading "shock" wave through France of rioting Muslim youths -- rioting that has now resulted in the first death since the outbreak nearly two weeks ago, as well as the wounding of 10 police officers. More worrisome is that there have been outbreaks now in Denmark, according to this story published in Black Sheep News, which suggests Europe could soon be engulfed if authorities are unable to quell the rampaging.

As Muslim riots spread across France, Denmark is also beginning to see its own Islamic Intifada. In Arhus, Denmark, young Muslims were heard chanting, “This land belongs to us!”

A masked spokesman for the rioters told Danish reporters that Muslims were tired of being oppressed and harassed and warned the police to stay away. "This is our area. We rule this place,” he said.

FOLLOW-UP: As Betsy Newmark observes, Muslim leaders took their sweet time in publicly decrying the rioting; but, so too, of course, did the French government and its leadership.

FOLLOW-UP II: Carl at No Oil For Pacifists puts together one of his signature, comprehensively linked posts about the rioting and mayhem in and around Paris, and includes quotes from Mark Steyn and Victor Davis Hanson. It's akin to a "CliffsNotes" on the situation in France. (Nice job, Carl!).

FOLLOW-UP III: Roger L. Simon provides a viewpoint on the upheaval in France from the perspective of one who has great affection for the French and their country, and who is particularly disturbed over the attacks by the Muslim rioters on churches there.

FOLLOW-UP IV: Captain Ed makes a cogent case that the media, here and in Europe, is deluding itself and its audiences, in failing to point to a deliberate, planned, and well-coordinated uprising by Islamic Jihadists in France. The notion of the mayhem and lawlessness being spontaneous and something as straightforward as students seeking an identity in a society that turns a deaf ear to them is laughable and a form of propaganda of its own.

FOLLOW-UP V: John Hawkins thinks a belated, Muslim-leadership-issued Fatwa is hardly the answer to the widespread rioting and lawlessness in France, that it speaks volumes about the disingenuousness of that leadership and its militancy, and that the government of France had better come to grips with the situation and begin protecting its citizens from these organized thugs bent on wreaking havoc. The last thing the French should be doing at this juncture, writes Mr. Hawkins, is relying on appeasement.

FOLLOW-UP VI: Bulldogpundit doesn't suspend with the sarcasm, but his point is nonetheless well-taken -- namely, that you'd think the French government would take from its own historical cues that appeasement is not the answer.

FOLLOW-UP VII: Michelle Malkin does a late afternoon wrap-up of the news out of France, replete with lots of links and an editorial comment or two.