Wednesday, November 2


Are any of you as fed up as I am with the sanctimonious pomposity of the McCain-led Gang of 14 and the well-publicized power they now wield (and which they're fond of talking about) in determining whether or not Samuel Alito will receive an up or down vote in the United States Senate?

And where is our erstwhile Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist in all of this? Is he not supposed to be the principal power broker in a Republican-controlled Senate or is he content to pout and rage every time Harry Reid blind-sides or one-ups him? Is Frist that naive or out of touch that Reid can beat him like a drum?

Somehow on the day following the despicable, circus-like, Reid-Tissy-Fit-Gambit on the floor of the Senate chamber, it just doesn't strike me as reasonable that 7 Republicans are set to hook up with 7 members of the obstructionist opposition on Thursday to wax powerful in determining the efficacy of "filibusters" and "constitutional options" in determining a SCOTUS nominee's fate.

Is this a Congress to make we Americans proud? Is the GOP controlling its destiny or undermining it in the halls of Congress?

FOLLOW-UP: The Hill provides a good write-up on what I would term the "extraordinary circumstances" the Reid-led obstructionists invoked/provoked yesterday in taking the Senate into a closed-door executive session.

FOLLOW-UP II: Didn't take long for Jimmy Carter to endorse Reid's tactics and get in more cheap shots at the Bush Administration. Do read Bret Stephens' review in OpinionJournal of Carter's latest tedious tome extolling his self-styled virtues.