Sunday, November 20


If you support the troops, America's real allies, the rightness of what we're doing in Iraq, the need for a global war on terror, and see the Party of Amnesia for what it is -- a political party that through its spineless actions and guileless rhetoric doesn't deserve the honor of being in charge of America's security and national defense -- then this post of Don Surber's will really resonate with you, as it does with me. Enjoy it. It's a good read and with terrific links.

And I agree with Don's observation that "Jack Murtha is a political opportunist."

FOLLOW-UP I: Polipundit calls the Dems cowards in their lukewarm support of the man they praised on the House floor the other night.

FOLLOW-UP II: Frank Laughter provides evidence that there is indeed a disconnect between what Americans are hearing from servicemen and women in the Middle East and what the MSM is reporting.