Tuesday, November 15


In an earlier post, I encouraged readers of ACSOL to view this photograph. Now if I can beg your indulgence, I encourage you to take the time to view the Republican National Committee's (RNC) video, which challenges the Democrat's(i.e., the Party of Amnesia's) penchant for disingenuous historical revisionism on the war in Iraq.

HAT-TIP: INDC Journal.

FOLLOW-UP" Lorie Byrd, guest-blogging at Michelle Malkin's site, comments on the RNC's new video and asks rhetorically how the Democrats ever thought they'd get away with painting George Bush a liar. It's a great post, detailed and substantive.

FOLLOW-UP II: The Anchoress slays E.J. Dionne's disingenuous piece in WaPo, observing in disbelief: "Dionne would have you believe that the Democrats were intimidated into voting yea or nea on invading Iraq in 2002, before the elections."