Sunday, November 20


ACE has his fingers crossed, as does yours truly.

Here's the Associated Press (AP) "may be dead" story.

Please say it is so!

FOLLOW-UP: Glenn Reynolds cautions that it's too soon to pop the champagne corks.

FOLLOW-UP II: Kevin Aylward of Wibang! cites two sources claiming remains are being examined presently to determine if Zarqawi is, in fact, dead.

FOLLOW-UP III: Related item from CNN.

FOLLOW-UP IV: Don Surber offers his thoughts.

FOLLOW-UP V: Greyhawk thinks Zarqawi is alive and well in his mother's basement!

FOLLOW-UP VI: MSM coverage here; here; and, here.

FOLLOW-UP VII: John Hinderaker of Power Line comments, as does Jim Martin at REDSTATE.ORG.

FOLLOW-UP VIII: Jay at Stop The ACLU has been to the movie too many times and refuses to get excited at this juncture.

FOLLOW-UP IX: LGF was out way ahead of AP on this breaking story!

FOLLOW-UP X: Jeff Goldstein at Protein Wisdom links to an update.

FOLLOW-UP XI: This from Reuters.

FOLLOW-UP XII: Frank Laughter advises the White House is expressing doubts that Zarqawi is dead. It would be too good to be true.

FOLLOW-UP XIII (11/21/05): ACE says, "Damn!" (I couldn't agree more).