Thursday, November 10


I wish there was a way to ensure (Patrick Ruffini ... are you out there ... can you help?) that this clarion call from The Anchoress to the acephalous, cowering, non-communicative GOP could be e-mailed to every Republican elected official in the country and faxed to every precinct captain. Indeed, I wish it could be printed out and pinned to President George Bush's, Vice President Dick Cheney's, and RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman's pillows tonight. This would make for compelling bedtime reading.

Why? Because it captures the mood of many of the Republican Party faithful who worked so diligently to gain majorities in the House and the Senate and to get a conservative back in the White House after eight miserable years of Clinton's deceit, philandering, "small issues" governance, and indifference to terrorists attacks.

The Anchoress' jeremiad reveals the undercurrents of raw frustration that could spell real trouble for the GOP in 2006 and 2008 if it doesn't get it's act together and quickly.

The President of the United States must engage. He must lead an offensive against the left-wing extremists in the Democratic Party and the fifth-column forces of the MSM determined to undermine his presidency. He must get a substantive second-term agenda together, he must communicate that agenda, and find and support a leadership within the party and Congress that can get things done and wield the leverage voters gave to them.

Most of all, he must begin going directly to the American people, explaining what needs doing, why it needs doing, how he's going to get it done, what help and sacrifice he requires of the American people, and, most of all, how certain elements in the opposition party are obstructionist to a fault and doing a disservice to our nation. He must come out of his corner to the center of the ring and fight. And the RINOs in Congress had better quit setting him up for a dive and forming "gangs" with the opposition.

You don't need C-Span to know that something's gone terribly wrong in Washington.

FOLLOW-UP: Jonathan R. at GOP Bloggers identifies some sources of the growing disenchantment (disdain?) with so-called GOP leadership, but I'm distressed that he left out something as pivotal as the long-standing foot-dragging on border security! Read my blog, Jonathan!

FOLLOW-UP II: Lorie Byrd at Polipundit wades in and links, as well, to Ankle Biting Pundits.

FOLLOW-UP III: Not to be outdone is Professor Bainbridge -- this post of his is anything but an antidote for the disconsolation that The Anchoress is experiencing.

FOLLOW-UP IV: Blanton at REDSTATE.ORG zeros in on, as he terms them, the "Republican bedwetters."

FOLLOW-UP V: John Hawkins at Right Wing News brandishes the "gutless Republicans" moniker.

FOLLOW-UP VI: Pat Buchanan, in a must-read column in Human Events,argues that the GOP is in "imminent peril of losing the country." The Democratic Party has not done a thing to earn the votes to win the country, so it just goes to show the degree to which the Republicans in Washington have been the makers of their own destiny, remiss as they have been in wielding their majority clout and returning fire. It's pathetic to behold.

FOLLOW-UP VII: Kevin at Wizbang offers some insights on the GOP Congress gained from firsthand observation of another time in history. Good post!