Saturday, November 12


At the conclusion of today's Notre Dame vs. Navy football game in South Bend, Indiana -- in the heart of the Midwest -- before a sell-out crowd of 80,000+, and with the Fighting Irish having just won 42-21, first-year Head Coach Charlie Weis led his 7-2 football squad over to the visitors' side of the field, gathered them up before the uniformed Midshipmen in the stands and the defeated Navy football team on the field, and showed their collective respect as the Naval Academy's alma mater -- Navy Blue and Gold -- was played.

What a profoundly class act.

Howard Dean, Chairman of the DNC, if he had any class about him, could use what Charlie Weis did this afternoon in Notre Dame Stadium as an object lesson for the Democratic Party in how to be a respectful political adversary and "party in opposition," rather than a bunch of braying jackasses.

Weis and The Fighting Irish payed respect to a worthy opponent, displayed the quiet dignity that a former era in collegiate athletics exemplified, expressed their admiration for student-athletes who will one day go into harm's way on the land, air, and sea to fight for their country, and honored the dead and living of our Armed Forces who have preserved the right of Americans to be free and for the Notre Dame football team to take the field on Saturdays in autumn.

Brady Quinn, Notre Dame's quarterback and Heisman Tropy candidate, in a post-game interview, told of the respect and admiration he and his team had for the Midshipmen of Annapolis -- how being a student-athelete-warrior was in the best traditions of this country.

After weeks of listening to the virulent left-wing of the Democratic Party assail our president and his leadership in the global war on terror, I found this to be a powerful and All-American moment -- a sublime expression of decency, dignity, and honorable conduct.

I'm proud to be a Notre Dame fan and proud that Charlie Weis is there in South Bend to nurture tomorrow's leaders.

FOLLOW-UP (11/13/05): Here's a Chicago Sun-Times piece on Charlie Weis' gesture.

FOLLOW-UP II (11/13/05): Captain Ed's a Fighting Irish fan and is preparing to take in his second home game in South Bend. I can tell you from firsthand experience it's a sight to behold and something every college football fan should do at least once in his or her life.