Friday, November 11


Read the Fox News' piece on President Bush's Veteran's Day speech and, in particular, the pavlovian responses from the likes of Reid, Kennedy, and Kerry. Imagine our nation with any of these three at the helm. There's endless criticism of the president and the war, but nary an idea from the Democrats on how to fix anything they deem going the wrong way. What a bankrupt political party they serve. Anyway, nice to see the president come out to the center of the ring and fight. Now if he'll just keep it up.

FOLLOW-UP: Excellent post from Don Surber.

FOLLOW-UP II: Bulldogpundit cheerleads the president and, I have no doubt, echoes the sentiments of most conservative Republicans (this one for sure) -- namely, high time George Bush start throwing it right back at the hypocrites in the Democratic Party. Where does a John Kerry or a Ted Kennedy, for starters, get off accusing anyone of purportedly telling lies. The president has to recognize that his enemies are not paragons of virtue. His enemies are walking-talking VULNERABILITIES in their own right. Take 'em to the woodshed, Mr. President.

FOLLOW-UP III: Dr. Sanity weighs in -- and how!!!

FOLLOW-UP IV: Lorie Byrd doesn't pull any punches (she should be a speechwriter for the president); and, here she is again (same topic) for good measure.

FOLLOW-UP V: Glenn Reynolds puts the high beams on the character assassins on the Left.

FOLLOW-UP VI (11/12/05): Betsy Newmark applauds the president and encourages him to continue speaking up against the forces unfairly depicting him as a liar.

FOLLOW-UP VII: Power Line reports on a hatchet-job on the president and his speech by the NYTs.

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