Wednesday, November 30


Dear Readers of ACSOL:

I will not be blogging today or tomorrow (after publishing this post), owing to some matters I must attend to, but will return to the keyboard Friday morning.

In the interim, I'll list some prior posts of mine that may be of interest to you:

1) I had some tongue-in-cheek fun a while back with this post on the Fox News Babes and maybe you'll get a chuckle or two out of reading it again.

2) Back when President Bush was doing his Gulf Coast fly-overs in Air Force One in the wake of the hurricane disasters, I raised the question of why the president wasn't getting himself down to the contiguous U.S.-Mexico border to survey the invasion-related problems there. Given his trips to Texas and Arizona the first of this week maybe he was listening! High-time he bones up on a thorny problem he's virtually ignored during his presidency.

3) Back on September 21st, I warned that President Bush would be ill-advised to persist in trying to sell a Guest Worker Program to the American people given their mounting dissatisfaction with illegal immigration and our nation's porous borders. Seems he wasn't listening to me.

4) I still find it incomprehensible, and regardless of one's politics, that the 42nd anniversary of John F. Kennedy's assassination passsed with so little MSM coverage and even less in the blogosphere. I wrote this post to commemorate a poignant moment in American history that I remember vividly, as if it were only yesterday.

5) "If I Ruled The World" was my brief flirtation with megalomania (!) and an admission of my long-standing desire (thus far unrealized) of breaking into John Hawkins' mailing list of right-of-center bloggers, who he regularly surveys on various topics. John's the best, so I remain patient and hopeful.

6) Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit had the audacity a short time back to take a cheap shot at Texas-style barbecue -- namely, barbecued beef brisket. I was among those grievously offended. But worse is that my response to his provocation didn't merit an Instalanche! Anyway, if you want some insights (replete with photos) of how to do a brisket low-n-slow, do read my post and click on the links.

7) I pride myself in oftentimes going against the grain on popular sentiment, particularly the negative political sentiment of late vis-a-vis President Bush. I don't march to the beat of the left-wing cabal and its mindless propagandists.

8) Imagine this apocalyptic scenario: Bill Clinton, Secretary-General of the United Nations; Hillary Rodham Clinton, President of the United States. Ready for a case of pronounced heartburn? Ouch!

9) The MSM got it all wrong -- here's who really was nominated to succeed Alan Greenspan at the Federal Reserve Board. Think I'm kidding?

10) Do you get as sick as I of hearing the word "closure" over and over again, as if grief must be assuaged and abruptly brought to an end?

I'll be back on Friday. Good reading! Happy blogging!