Friday, November 25


I had read that the president, the First Lady, and their family and guests would be dining on roasted free range turkey at their Crawford, Texas, ranch for Thanksgiving, but what I didn't know until I read this Associated Press (AP) piece this morning was that another free range turkey is afoot in Crawford and this hen is up to her usual gobble-gobble.

Read the whole article, as I have no intention of quoting from it; but, do know that the riff-raff that gathered in Crawford in advance of Cindy Sheehan's arrival dined on an Iraqi-style meal and a spokesman decried the fact that Iraqis were suffering while Americans dined on fat turkeys.

So now even the wonderful meal my wife prepared yesterday has come under attack by the Sheehan-led flock of feckless fabulists.

I offered a prayer yesterday for the president and I feel as though that prayer went unanswered. The traveling Sheehan road show is back in Crawford to harass the president and that's not exactly what I had in mind for this good man. Nor, frankly, is it what I had in mine for Casey Sheehan and all of the fallen in the global war on terror.

FOLLOW-UP (11/28/05): A picture is truly worth a thousand words! Thanks, Matt Drudge.