Thursday, November 3


The Bush administration had wanted the Senate to conclude the confirmation process on SCOTUS nominee Samuel Alito before the Christmas holidays, but Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter had another idea and he got his way today in announcing that confirmation hearings wouldn't commence until January 2nd.

We have a Republican majority where? Whose the Senate Majority Leader?

Wasn't Harry Reid railing against the Senate and the Bush administration this week saying that the Senate GOP majority takes its marching orders from the White House?

CORRECTION: I was listening to Arlen Specter on Fox News and heard the "January 2nd" date twice -- or so I thought -- and now find that the Associated Press (AP) is reporting January 9th. I'll defer to AP and have my ears checked next trip to the doctor! Apologies, ACSOL Readers!

CONFUSION: Well, I double-checked the Fox News online site and apparently I don't need a trip to the doctor after all. Fox is reporting the JANUARY 2ND date I was convinced I had heard. Now then, if given a choice, I'll defer to FOX over AP. What about you?!?!

IT'S OFFICIAL: Fox News has corrected its prior article -- January 9th is the date!