Friday, November 4


I'm not all of the way through reading yet my 30+ blog subscriptions on my Bloglines' aggregator, but I suspect this brilliant post by ACE at Ace of Spades HQ may well be the MUST READ of the day or certainly among a short list of incisive posts.

He writes:

A couple of weeks ago I read for the first time that Joe Wilson had not been signed to a confidentiality agreement when he was sent on his Niger mission. Why was that,I wondered? I speculated on this site and on the webcast show that he wasn't asked to sign a routine confidentiality agreement because the little cabal of domestic black-baggers who put him up to the frame-job intended from the beginning for him to take his predetermined, agreed-in-advance "findings" public, with the imprimatur of the CIA.

Maybe obvious, but I did say this a while ago. Now other people are saying it as well. Victoria Toensing writes about this in the WSJ. Subscription is required, but Powerlineblog seems to have quoted most of the good bits:

Do read the entire piece. ACE also links to Zell Miller and Rush Limbaugh.