Friday, October 7


John Hawkins of "Right Wing News" makes the case that Senator John McCain is deservingly anathema and for a lot of compelling reasons.

Paul Mirengoff of "Powerline" opts instead for Senator Lindsey Graham as his choice for persona non grata among Republicans in the United States Senate.

Between the two, I'd vote with John Hawkins, and particularly because it annoys me to no end that an Arizona senator would be so stubbornly weak on illegal immigration and the porous borders issue.

That said, Senator Arlen Specter (RINO-PA), just gets my knickers in a twist about damn near everything. I don't trust the man -- the "man behind the curtain," as Jack Fowler aptly characterized Specter. He's the Senate's flim-flam republican, calling himself a conservative but regularly belying that with decidedly liberal votes. Besides, he's a pro-amnesty legislator and that just won't cut it with me.

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