Saturday, October 29


The Anchoress has put up a well-thought post this morning, in part a reply and amplification of a sobering, plaintive Peggy Noonan piece in WSJ's OpinionJournal on the trouble America finds herself in these days because of the resignation and abnegation of its elites; but, in this writer's view, The Anchoress brings to the subject a much greater depth of feeling and insight, and, to be sure, the marksman's keen ability to find the target and repeatedly hit it.

She writes about the sinister "deconstruction" of our institutions, our culture, and our value systems, terming it "a painless coup," and the sense of overwhelminging discouragement and disillusionment among those who sense viscerally that something has gone awry and is completely out of kilter in our country, but who choose to pull back from peering into the abyss by anesthetizing themselves through a purposeful preoccupation with "distractions" -- "the television, the radio, the magazines, the talkshows, the films, the fashions, the escapist entertainment, even the internet."

Do read her, as this is for me among the best posts she has ever published, and that is no small accomplishment since she's made excellence her stock in trade. Her prescriptions are worthy of reflection and her penchant for underscoring the Eternal Truths noble.