Tuesday, October 11


This from Hugh Hewitt in this post of his today:

Early on in this debate I accused the anti-Miers crowd of engaging in the "big sulk," and of acting like the KosKids. Perhaps the latter was wrong on my part as the vulgarity and profanity that marks the KosKids is, thankfully, absent from the debate.

I'm not suggesting for a minute that Hugh Hewitt is responding directly to this post of mine; but, I am elated that Hugh has taken a hard look in the mirror and recognized some of his own excesses in the heated Miers' debate and reconciled himself to publishing a "mea culpa" of sorts.

As I wrote yesterday:

It's not funny, Hugh. Your writing ought to be more precise and not capable of being interpreted as pejorative, unless of course that is precisely your intent. You've done so much good in the blogosphere and have been an inspiration and mentor to so many that you'd do well to temper your language on this Miers' matter. Be a statesman and show some restraint in wielding your ample powers of persuasion and the tremendous clout of your large readership and multitude of loyal blogger disciples.

Good for you, Mr. Hewitt, and whatever/whomever persuaded you to rethink your approach!