Sunday, October 9


Jay Tea at "Wizbang" tries to be provocatively heretical in suggesting in this post, in which he correctly notes that the Constitution does not delineate specific qualifications for being on the United States Supreme Court, that the president would have made a good move in nominating Victor Davis Hanson, college history professor and writer extraordinaire, and one who "could bring a fresh perspective to the bench." Yet as convinced as Jay Tea is of the qualities that Hanson could bring to the SCOTUS, he writes this headline for his post: Supreme Heresy.

Well, I'd be more inclined to take advantage of the silence of the Constitution on qualifications for becoming a Supreme Court justice by suggesting consistency of purpose, rather than heresy as the president's modus operandi in selecting nominees -- i.e., the president should be true to his convictions and the manner in which he has executed his own constitutional prerogatives as the nation's chief executive over the past five years.

Therefore, I suggest to Jay Tea and to the president that, if given the opportunity, his next nominee to the United States Supreme Court should be an illegal alien -- you know, an undocumented Mexican national who breeched our southern border illegally (after all, it's only a misdemeanor offense ... no big deal, right?), lives and works in this country, sends large remittances home, and who valiantly seeks a better life for himself and his family, including fast-track, upward mobility.

In a grand gesture, consistent with his own plans for the 11+ million illegal aliens already in this country, the president could grant amnesty to his nominee before the commencement of Senate confirmation hearings and do so with a flair before television cameras from his Oval Office.

Think about it: the nominee would be sure to be heartily embraced by Ted Kennedy and John McCain and all the open borders' apologists in the United States Senate. There would be overwhelming support from liberal Democrats (forgive the redundancy) and such easily-won confirmation would set the stage for blanket amnesty legislation for all illegals and no doubt a supremely (yes, pun intended) liberalized Guest Worker Program with opportunities for major mainstream jobs in the U.S. private and public sectors.

The Dems would be orgasmic; Republicans beholden to major corporate contributors could take IOUs off the table; the ACLU and Latino activist organizations would be heralding Bush the Liberator; and the political successor to President Vicente Fox would rejoice, knowing there's no need to end corruption in his homeland any time soon.

It'd be a win-win. And in doing so, the president would be sticking with his story!

What do you think, Jay Tea. Does this center-right poliblogger have a better idea?

HAT-TIP: Betsy Newmark