Sunday, October 23


John Brimelow writes in the VDARE Blog that President Bush, in his regular Saturday radio address, was signaling yesterday a "clear sign of weakness" vis-a-vis porous borders and the illegal alien problem. I would add to John's spot on analysis that the president was also just being his boilerplate disingenuous self with the American people. That's why Dick Morris told Bill O'Reilly this past week that neither Bill, nor his television audience, should hold their collective breath in thinking for a minute that the president or his white elephant creation, the Department of Homeland Security, is going to get tough about securing our borders.

A good example of this:

New Orleans offers a quick study of Bush labor policy in action: On

Aug. 29, Hurricane Katrina strikes, causing widespread destruction. Four days later, President Bush commits $10.1 billion of the taxpayers' money to rebuilding New Orleans. Four days after that, he suspends the Davis-Bacon Act — the law that requires federal contractors to pay workers the going local rate.

Illegal immigrants, willing to work at less-than-prevailing wages, stream into New Orleans. And a mere six weeks after the last evacuee leaves the Superdome, we hear of complaints by illegal workers that employers are stiffing them of their meager pay.

So here you have it, a lesson on how to crush the market for blue-collar labor. And it could have been done in four PowerPoint slides.

That comes from Froma Harrop's Op-Ed piece in today's edition of the Houston Chronicle (registration required for online edition).

As I wrote in this post of mine back on October 15th:

I wonder how many Americans, particularly registered American voters, are aware of this? The same president who talks national security and the need to fight terrorists overseas, rather than here at home, has just opened the floodgates for illegal immigrants, and they were already breeching our borders at the rate of 10,000/day when he set out the "Welcome Mat" and as much said to the corrupt Mexican government: "We need cheap-ass construction workers in New Orleans and the hurricane-ravaged Gulf Coast region and they don't require documentation to get the work, so hustle them across our border and tell them the work should last easily for a decade or more."

Meanwhile, the tax-binging, white elephant, bureaucracy-ridden Department of Homeland Security (DHS), to which Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and its U.S. Border Patrol agents report, announces that it will definately not do in the context of undocumented construction workers working in the Gulf what it is charged to do -- identify and penalize employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens! That's right. Those laws, little enforced as they've been, are now in abeyance.

And all this is done under the euphemistic banner of "cutting red tape." Who's kidding who? What this is, in point of fact, is just more of the same -- Washington defiantly turning a deaf ear to the American people and their overwhelming desire for tighter border security and substantive immigration reform. The people have it right. It's their elected representatives who have it wrong.

The president is now and was as governor of Texas a long-standing proponent of "cheap labor"; and he remains to this day an inveterate apologist of open borders and amnesty and liberal Guest Worker programs. And he doesn't seem to care a wink -- even armed with that Harvard MBA of his -- that "cheap, undocumented, immigrant labor" is both euphemism and misnomer; and that, in point of fact, once you allocate back to those direct wages the huge costs born by American taxpayers for the broad social safety net provided illegals, then their wages aren't anywhere near so low and the upshot is that the president and Congress have taxpayers subsidizing labor costs for those companies knowingly hiring illegal aliens to lower their net operating costs.

We're all getting hosed and the invasion from the south will continue undisturbed to perpetuate that.