Monday, October 10


Apart from the fact that John Fund makes a 180 degree turn away from supporting President Bush's nominee, Harriert Miers, to replace Sandra Day O'Conner's seat on the U.S. Supreme Court bench in WSJ's "OpinionJournal" today, what I think is far more pertinent to the raging controversy in conservative circles over the Miers' nomination is Mr. Fund's retrospective on past SCOTUS nominees of Republican presidents and how reassurances from those presidents of their nominees' conservative credentials proved as ephemeral as today's news.

Here's but one example John Fund cites:

After leaving office, Dwight Eisenhower was asked by a reporter if he had made any mistakes as president. "Two," Ike replied. "They are both on the Supreme Court." He referred to Earl Warren and William Brennan, both of whom became liberal icons.

To be sure, Ike wasn't the only one sorely disappointed with his choices.

Those being persuaded by big-name, center-right bloggers that we ought to support the Miers' nomination as an act of conservative Republican faith in the judgement of George W. Bush ought to think again. Trust your instincts; trust your gut. After all, are we to believe that the president's selection of his former personal attorney and long-standing friend will show more prescience and discernment in time than the past judgements of Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford and Bush '41? Come on!