Friday, October 21


Captain Ed and Charles Krauthammer reinforce the adage that "great minds think alike," as both see the same way out for President Bush in his confounding choice of Harriet Miers for the SCOTUS, a choice that grows ever more controversial with every passing day and less likely of confirmation every time she pays a courtesy call on a senator or responds to a questionnaire.

Captain Ed writes:

Two key Republican Senators, the conservative Sam Brownback and the more moderate Lindsay Graham, have "requested" privileged material from Miers' work with George Bush for their review as a condition of their desired support of Miers' confirmation -- a request that amounts to a polite triple-dog dare.

In truth, Brownback and Graham give George Bush cover of a different sort. Their demand makes it possible for Bush to withdraw Miers for an important principle, rather than as a failure and an embarrassment. It will kill for all time the idea of nominating one's personal attorney for the Supreme Court and still might damage the protection of privilege for administration counsel, but it beats having to retreat after all the effort made in promoting Miers and touching off a conservative food fight. Either Miers could withdraw herself to protect the attorney-client privilege, or Bush could announce that he wants to protect future administrations from unwarranted incursions of one branch into the privileges and protections of the other.

The Captain and Charles Krauthammer must take the same brand of multi-vitamin each morning (or have the same seed pod in their bedroom closets!).