Thursday, October 20


Yesterday I wrote in this post:

That, to be sure, is the central issue -- stopping the invasion first and proving to American citizens (and particularly registered voters) that the borders are secure. Evidence of that must precede importuning us to have faith that the federal government -- egregiously negligent through two Clinton administrations and well into the first year of Bush '43's second administration -- can design and implement a Guest Worker Program as intricate (and unmanageable) as those preposterous pieces of legislation currently being heralded by the Ted Kennedys and John McCains of the world. Kennedy shouldn't be trusted with anything important to this country. Need I even have to write that? And RINO McCain gave us McCain-Feingold -- bungled campaign finance reform that nearly cost Bush the 2004 election -- and "The Gang of 14," which led to Harriet Miers. Want to entrust these two with border security?

Think about it. Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld want to win the war in Iraq in the worst way and yet have been unable to secure Iraq's borders from insurgent/terrorist intrusion. Now, having turned on a dime after years and years of patent indifference to the "El Plan de Aztlan" invasion of our southern border by millions of Mexican nationals and "Other Than Mexicans" alike, do you want to "trust" the president that border security will be implemented in parallel with guest worker programs and renewable visas and no thought whatsoever of deporting the 11+ million illegals who are already here?

Today, The Dan Stein Report is reporting (quoting from a Knight-Ridder story) that Texas governor Rick Perry agrees with me:

"President Bush's renewed push for an immigrant guest worker program drew a skeptical response from the leader of his home state Wednesday as Texas Gov. Rick Perry called on the federal government to first secure the porous U.S.-Mexican border before enacting the guest worker plan," Knight-Ridder reported.
Governor Perry (R-TX) is quoted as saying:

"They can talk about every different program under the sun, but until we secure our borders, no program is going to work."