Tuesday, October 18


I do recommend you read this trenchant post by Captain Ed of "Captain's Quarters," in which he examines feature articles in the "New York Times" and "Washington Post" suggesting conservatives are engaged in some heavy duty in-fighting in the wake of the Miers' nomination and owing to the Bush administration's lack of fiscal restraint, and that, as Captain Ed headlines his post, the articles' authors aver that the conservative movement in this country is starting to crack. Captain Ed maintains that this is gross overstatement.

Captain Ed makes no mention of the misguided and largely indifferent illegal immigration/border security policies of the Bush administration and its long-standing desire for a general amnesty and a much more liberal Guest Worker program. I trust this was just an oversight. I truly believe that border security and immigration reform will combine to become one of the key battlefields should an internecine war among conservatives break out.

Do read Captain Ed's post.

FOLLOW-UP: Polipundit doesn't overlook the immigration reform issue.